The Vorlon Empire


"Do you not have files on the Vorlons?"
"Absolutely. Very large files. There's nothing in them, of course. How much do *you* have?"
"More than you it would seem. Naturally it's all classified."

-- Delenn and Sinclair in Babylon 5:"The Gathering"

Vorlon Ship     The Vorlons, along with the Shadows, are the last of the First Ones - a collective term given to the oldest races in the galaxy. While most First Ones moved beyond the Rim (boundary of known space), the Vorlons waited to resume their seemingly undending battle with the Shadows.The Vorlons have travelled widely and taught the younger races how to respond to them. A Vorlon looks different to each race, according to its beliefs, for example, when a human looks at a vorlon, the individual sees an angel. As far as the Vorlons are concerned, this guarantees the younger races will react to them in the correct manner. It is a physical strain for a vorlon to appear before another race without the encounter suit. They believe in order, and see themselves as paternal shepherds of younger races. The Vorlons prize their privacy; none of the younger races have been allowed into their space, and they will not discuss their actions or motives with anyone. Both the Earth Alliance and Centauri Republic sent ships into Vorlon space that disappeared without a trace. Vorlon ShipThe Vorlon government then advised the Centauri and Human leaders of the situation and told them not to send any more ships into their space. Vorlon space is approximately 8 days away from Babylon 5. Vorlon ships are by far the most attractive vessels. They use bio-organic technology, the ships register as lifeforms. Most of the ships are green with some yellow. The patterns on the skin of Vorlon ships seem to change slightly. Vorlon transports are usually made for a single Vorlon. The ship and that Vorlon are linked in a way that if the Vorlon dies, the ship can no longer live without the Vorlon. At the end of the Shadow War, the Vorlons departed beyond the Rim, together with the Shadows, the First Ones, and Lorien, the original First One.

Vorlon Ship

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