The Interstellar Alliance

Looking out over Tuzanor
Looking out over Tuzanor.
White Star Fleet    At the end of 2261, Delenn oversees the formation of the Interstellar Alliance. The Minbari, Narn and Centauri, along with the League of Non-Aligned Worlds pledge to form a new Interstellar Alliance with Sheridan elected as their first president. Earth is invited to join this economic and political pact and, perhaps a little reluctantly, President Lucenka agreed that Earth would join forces with the Alliance. Delenn describes the common authority that all members have agreed to recognize. The Alliance, which among other things promises to share advanced technologies like artificial gravity with Earth, is a confederation whose members retain most of their sovereignty, aside from certain rules of conduct. The White StarIts armed forces are the Rangers and the White Star fleet, who would also police the Alliance. The Rangers' White Star Fleet is a combination of Minbari and Vorlon science.The aim of the Interstellar Alliance is to bring peace to the Galaxy. Delenn explains that the mission of the Rangers is to protect borders but not participate in wars, to create the peace, but not enforce it. From now on, all member races may contribute to the Ranger ranks. As she speaks, the room shakes as dozens of White Stars jump into the sky above. The temporary headquarters of the Alliance are on Babylon 5 until permanent facilities are built in the Minbari city of Tuzanor. These are completed during the course of 2262 when Sheridan and Delenn leave Babylon 5 to begin their new life on Minbar.

Walking through the garden at Tuzanor.

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