The Minbari Federation

Waterfalls on Minbar
Waterfalls on Minbar, Minbari Homeworld.

Minbari One of the oldest and most technologically advanced races, the Minbari are divided into three castes: religious, warrior and worker. An old, highly spiritual race, Minbari are humanoid with exterior bone crests on their heads. The Minbari home world, Minbar, is the seventh planet from its sun, and is rich in crystalline deposits. Many of the Minbari cities are cut directly from crystal formations, and during the spring they create some breathtaking patterns of light. Almost a quarter of Minbar is covered by its north polar ice cap. The Minbari are divided into three castes: the Religious caste, the Warrior caste and the Worker caste. Each caste is subdivided into clans, and the main five Warrior clans are the Walkway on YedorStar Riders, the Moon Shields, the Wind Swords, the Night Walkers and the Fire Wings. There are 3 basic languages Lenann, Feek and Adronato (the language of the religious caste), and 97 sub tongues. The Minbari use base eleven. The Minbari have a strict code of honour and no Minbari has killed another since Valen brought their society together over a thousand years ago. The Minbari believe in reincarnation and the rebirth of the soul, which led the Grey Council to conclude that Minbari Souls were being reborn - in part or in full - in humans during the Earth-Minbari war. Because it is the Minbari's greatest taboo to kill one another, the Grey Council ordered its people to surrender to the Earth Alliance. Minbari War CruiserPhysically, the Minbari have a much stronger constitution than humans, which enabled tham to fight harder and longer than their opponents during the Earth-Minbari War. Minbari ships are extremely powerful and advanced. They have 3D tactical displays which can display anything around the ship in real time and with perfect clarity. The displays appear in the form of a holographic field which usually lowers from the ceiling. This is excellent for strategic deployment and control of a fleet in battle because it gives the commander of the fleet a perfect 3 dimensional view of the battle. Minbari vessels also have artificial gravity, without the need for rotating sections. The Minbari are taught that the dying and people in fear or pain should be ministered to and comforted. Grey CouncilThey view love as a potent healing force, and also believe that no race can be truly inteligent without laughter. For the Minbari, all religious matters are considered private and must not be interfered with. The Minbari are ruled by the Grey Council, also known as "The Nine". This was established by Valen and comprises nine members, originally three from each caste. The Grey Council normally rule from the Great Hall aboard a Minbari War Cruiser. hey are shrouded in mystery and the identity of members is kept secret to prevent a cult of personality arising. The Minbari have played a crucial role in the Babylon Project, and in the success of the Rangers in the Shadow War. However, while the Religious and Worker castes decided to join the Army of Light, the Warrior caste refused, as its members object to contact with alien races. The key player has been Delenn, who has acted as a bridge between the two races - most obviously by taking on a half-human form using a device called a triluminary. For a time the warrior caste gained an extra member at the expense of the religious caste, and open conflict eventually broke out. In 2260, the Grey Council was disbanded by Delenn, dividing the Minbari castes. Now, re-instigated by Delenn as a means of stopping the conflict, the Grey Council is once again Minbar's ruling body, but this time the Worker caste has the most members on the Council.

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