The Earth Alliance

Earthdome, at Geneva, Switzerland.

"Before the war Dukhat wanted to know more about your people, so I began studying your history. I came to the conclusion that of all the races we had encountered humans were the most dangerous. Because humans form communities, and from that diversity comes a strength no single race can withstand. That is your strength and it is *that* which makes you dangerous."
- Delenn to Sheridan: "Lines of Communication"

The Crew of B5
The Crew of Babylon 5 - left to right: Franklin, Ivanova, Sheridan, Garibaldi.

MarsThe Earth Alliance is a commonwealth of independent states comprising more than two dozen worlds in fourteen solar systems. The members of the Earth Alliance include Earth, Mars and Io. Mars was finally granted independence at the end of 2261, after a long and bitter struggle. In general, the Alliance determines the foreign policies of its member worlds and leaves them to determine their own domestic policies. In the mid-22nd century, the Earth Alliance made contact with the Centauri Republic. In return for various trade agreements the Centauri gave the Earth Alliance access to their technology. The Alliance initially used Centauri jumpgates, but soon learned to build its own, jumpgates being essential for interstellar travel, as Earth did not possess any ships that could make their own jumpoints in and out of hyperspace. Earth ships are simplistic in design, but practical. They do not have artificial gravity, so need to use rotating sections to simulate gravity. The Earth Alliance was also in charge of the Babylon 5 Station. The Alliance was rocked by internal unrest in 2260 when President Clark was accused of murdering his predecessor, Luis Santiago. Earth Alliance AgememnonClark used force to quell resistance among the Alliance, and subsequently adopted an isolationist policy toward all alien races. Earth Alliance organisations include EarthForce, its military and enforcement wing, and the Psi Corps, which regulates Human telepaths. The Earth Alliance has its headquarters at EarthDome, a self-contained domed district near Geneva, Switzerland. Both EarthGov, the official governing body of the Earth Alliance, and EarthForce, the military and enforcement arm, have their headquarters in EarthDome. The central body of the government is the Earth Alliance Senate. The EarthGov president is chosen from within the Senate. On the death of President Clark in 2261, the new President Susanna Luchenka from the Russian Consortium succeeded him, and agreed to Earth joining the newly-formed Interstellar Alliance.

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