The League of Non-Aligned Worlds

League of Non-Aligned Worlds
An alliance of worlds not allied to the major alien powers. Members include the Drazi, the Vree, the Pakmara and the Tokati. They have had a good relationship with the Earth Alliance ever since it helped them defeat the Dilgar in 2232.

The Drazi


The Drazi are a somewhat militant race - they prefer to fight first and think later. They are recognizable by their dark-purple heads. Every five years, the Drazi split up into two random factions, one green and one purple - by randomly choosing a coloured sash from a barrel. Drazi SunhawkThey then battle each other to decide the new ruler. The Drazi Sunhawk is a small, but efficient vessel. It is not as advanced as warships from the major powers, it is fast and manoeuvrable.

The Vree

Vree Saucer

The Vree are apparently noted for "questionable" eating habits. Vree ships have a saucer shape, and they are small and manoeuvrable, with impressive firepower.

The Markab


The Markab were a member race of the League of Non-Aligned Worlds. They were known for their religious rituals in which they used psychotropics to lose control of themselves. The entire population of the Markab homeword, some 2 billion, were killed after an outbreak of the Drafa plague, and they are now a dead race.

The Abbai


The Abbai have an amphibian-like appearance and are sometimes referred to as "Fishheads". They were also briefly one of the members of the League of Non Aligned Worlds, but they resigned from the League in 2259. The Abbai are ruled by a matriarchy whose authority passes down from mother to daughter in the ruling family.

The Pak'ma'ra

Pak'ma'ra The Pak'ma'ra are carrion eaters. They can eat of all the creatures who walk, and fly, and crawl, but not of the fish in the sea. The Pak'ma'ra Homeworld is Melat - a rough rocky terrain with caves and grottoes where the Pak'ma'ra prefer to live. Melat is near Minbari space. The "hump" on the back of the Pak'ma'ra is in fact the symbiotically-bonded female Pak'ma'ra. The Pak'ma'ra are considered loners and scavengers, but one of their unexpected attributes is their singing. It's something they do only during certain times of the year as part of their religious ceremonies. It is a beautiful sound, full of sadness, hope, wonder, and a terrible sense of loss.

At the end of 2261, the League of Non-Aligned Worlds joined the Interstellar Alliance.

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