The Narn Regime

Narn Homeworld
The Narn Homeworld.

The Narn are a reptilian-looking race and were a peaceful and agrarian people before the Centauri arrived on their world. They were then enslaved for more than a hundred years until the Centauri were driven off in 2228 following a long war of attrition.Narn was a lush, forestplaent before the Centauri invasion at the beginning of the 21st century. When they left, some 130 years later, it was a bleak and barren world subject to extremes of temperature. Once they were free, the Narn vowed never to be conquered again and established themselves as the Centauri Republic's greatest foe, becoming obsessed with gaining new technolgy, and were keen to establish an alliance with either the Minbari Federation or the Vorlon Empire. Narn ships are all similar in design. They are quite impressive in the detail of the colourful markings on them. Narn Cruiser Many Narn became arms dealers and sold weapons to Earth during the Earth-Minbari war. After a series of aggressive moves against the Centauri, the Narn Regime was brought to its knees by a war with the Centauri and their secret allies, the Shadows. The Narn ruling body, the Kha'Ri, surrendered to the Centauri following a brutal attack on the Narn Homeworld in 2259 and Narn became once again part of the Centauri Republic and ruled by a Centauri appointed government. Recently, Narn regained its independence and is rebuilding its devastated society. There are no Narn telepaths now, although there used to be some long ago. Narns are taught the art of negotiation from an early age and can hibernate for six days at a time. Young Narns are called "Pouchlings".

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