The Sheridan and Delenn Gallery

    This page is dedicated to all true romantics and John and Delenn fans everywhere. Some of the pictures below originally came from The Spoiler Junkies Page. Enjoy!

A moment together A moment together. When worlds collide When worlds collide.
There must be something in the air There must be something in the air. The heart does as the heart does The heart does as the heart does.
I don't know what to say I don't know what to say. Then say nothing Then say nothing ...
Reunited Reunited! Popping the Question Popping the Question.
No longer afraid of Shadows No longer afraid of Shadows. The newly weds The newly weds.
And again And again ... Good morning, Mr President Good morning, Mr President.
Good to see you It's good to see you. Treasuring the moments Treasuring the moments.
One more kiss One more kiss. Have I told you today? Have I told you today how much I love you?
John, I love you John, I love you. Almost out of time Almost out of time.
Watching the sunrise Watching the sunrise. Always together Always together.

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