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    This Babylon 5 ABC was designed just for fun, in the style of a child's ABC book. To get the most enjoyment from this page, you need the Babylon 5 Serpentine Font for Windows. If you haven't got it, you can download it from here (17K), unzip the file, and copy the font into your Windows\Fonts folder.
is for Agamemnon Agamemnon One of the first Omega-Class destroyers built after the Earth-Minbari war. Captain Sheridan was Commanding Officer here, before being posted to Babylon 5.
is for
Babylon 5
B5 Station The fifth Babylon Station, built by the Earth Alliance, and described as the "last best hope for peace". Babylon 5 is located in an area of neutral space, the Euphrates Sector, at Grid Epsilon 470/18/22.
is for Centauri Republic Centauri Republic  Symbol A once powerful empire. at the height of its power, the Centauri Republic spanned the galaxy and conquered many worlds, including Narn. It has now fallen into decline, although many Centauri dream of making the Republic great once more.
is for Drakh Drakh Dark Servants of the Shadows. They survived the destruction of Z'ha'dum, and appear to be carrying on where the Shadows left off, but in a more subtle, insidious way.
is for Earth Alliance Earth Alliance Logo A commonwealth of independent states comprising more than 2 dozen worlds in 14 solar systems.
is for First Ones First Ones Vast and timeless beings, who roamed the galaxy and taught the younger races. They predate humanity by billions of years.
is for G'Kar G'Kar The Narn ambassador to Babylon 5. He claimed sanctuary on Babylon 5 when the Cenauri invaded his world once more. After writing down his revelations in the Book of G'Kar his status has risen among the Narn to that of a religious icon.
is for Hyperspace Shadow Ship in Hyperspace A different dimension in space. Hyperspace allows shorter journeys between points in the galaxy. Entered by a jumppoint, which is usually generated by a jumpgate, although some ships can make their own jumpoints in and out of hyperspace.
is for IPX IPX Logo The corporation which funds expeditions to explore ancient races in the galaxy, hoping to gain technology. IPX's catchphrase is "Exploring the Past to make a better Future".
is for JMS The Great Maker J. Michael Straczynski, aka "The Great Maker" and creator of the Babylon 5 story.
is for Kosh Naranek Kosh The deeply mysterious original Vorlon ambassador to Babylon 5. He almost always appears wearing his encounter suit, which hides his true form.
is for Londo Mollari Londo The Centauri Ambassador to Babylon 5. He dreams of returning his people to their former position of power in the galaxy.
is for Minbari Federation Minbari Federation Symbol The political organisation of the Minbari people. The governing body is called the Grey Council.
is for Narn Regime Narn Regime Symbol The Narn have a history of being invaded and conquered. The Narn had a political organisation comprising circles of power, and the Inner Circle was titled the Kha'Ri.
is for Omega Squadron Black Omega Squadron Starfury The Black Omega Starfury Squadron is an elite attack force attacked to Psicorps. These starfuries have advanced stealth capabilities.
is for Psi Corps Psicorps Logo The body that regulates telepaths on Earth. In the years following the Earth-Minbari War, however, the Psi Corps beacme a much more powerful and sinister organisation.
is for Quantium 40 Jumpgate Quantium 40 is used in the construction of jumpgates.
is for Rangers Marcus Cole The Rangers or Anla'shok are the Army of Light established by Jeffrey Sinclair in 2269 to fight the forces of darkness in the Great War.
is for Sheridan and Delenn Sheridan and Delenn Babylon 5's "First Couple". John Sheridan, now president of the Interstellar Alliance, and his wife Delenn, the Minbari Ambasssador to Babylon 5.
is for Technomage Technomage "We are dreamers, shapers, singers, and makers. We study the mysteries of laser and circuit, crystal and scanner, holographic demons and invocations of equations. These are the tools we employ and we know many things." - Elric to Captain Sheridan in Babylon 5: "The Geometry of Shadows".
is for Universe Map "The universe is run by the complex interweaving of three elements: energy, matter, and enlightened self-interest." - G'Kar to Garibaldi in Babylon 5: "Survivors".
is for Vorlon Empire Vorlon Empire Symbol The Vorlon Empire is the official title of the Vorlons' dominion. The vorlons controlled a vast area of space, but little is known about them or their Empire.
is for White Star White Star A revolutionary Minbari warship, incorporating both Minbari and Vorlon technology. They played an important role in the War against the Shadows, and the new Interstellar Alliance has a whole fleet of White Stars.
is for Xenobiologist Dr Franklin Dr Stephen Franklin specialised in xenobiology - the study of alien biology and lifeforms.
is for Yedor Yedor The capital of Minbar. Also known as the "Crystal City". Some of the first buildings are cut directly from the crystalline formations
is for Zocalo Zocalo Sign The "open-air" market place aboard Babylon 5. The Zocalo is situated in Red Sector. It consists of many small merchants working from tables or carts.

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